"Super-worst-case scenario becomes an acute danger for millions!"

28.03.11 - Heute erschien die englisch übersetzte aktualisierte Fassung des Flugblatts der MLPD vom 25. März. Wir dokumentieren den Text im Folgenden:

Super-worst-case scenario becomes an acute danger for millions! Active resistance must fight for immediate measures to protect the Japanese population!

"We are now confronted with a super-worst-case scenario. The comparison with Chernobyl is getting serious. Further measures for evacuation are urgently necessary." This dramatic evaluation was made on March 22nd by Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil, President of the Society for Protection against Radiation. Readings of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) showed radiation amounting to 200,000 to 900,000 Bequerel around the Japanese nuclear complex Fukushima I. This is amounts to what was measured in the vicinity of Chernobyl following the catastrophe of 1986. What has happened in the past few days underlines the fear already stated by the MLPD on March 13th:

The meltdown can no longer be stopped

According to the information of the IAEA, there is an extremely high level of radiation in the containments of the reactor blocks. Amounts of up to 60,5 Sievert per hour are 220 million times higher than the natural background radiation. According to the facts given by the operating company TEPCO, the water that ran out of the core of reactor 3 has a level of radiation 10 000 times higher. This is a sign that the MOX fuel rods used there are damaged. They have a higher percentage of plutonium. 40 parts in a billion of one gram of this ultra-poison can kill a human being. An area polluted by plutonium is permanently uninhabitable. In the reactors that were cooled with seawater, tons of salt have accumulated which form a crust on the fuel rods and make further cooling completely impossible.

The impacts on the environment are becoming more and more dramatic. The ocean at the Fukushima coast is contaminated, the vegetables from the entire region can no longer be consumed and in the drinking water reaching down to the region of Tokyo, dangerously high levels of radioactivity are being measured. However, Japan's head of government still does not see any necessity to finally tell the whole truth to the world public. Numerous relief workers have been sent to a suicide mission in Fukushima. And the operating firm is so impertinent as to blame the workers for their having contaminated themselves with radioactive water and endangering their lives. That shows their contempt for human beings and is a criminal attempt to cover up the traces! Up to now, the Japanese government and the operating company have made people in the country nervous through a systematic campaign of disinformation. Now fear is growing. However - as Heinrich Heine once put it - "In face of danger, fear is what is most dangerous", when it leads to panic or individual attempts to rescue oneself. Both would be a blind alley and have no perspective. The order of the day is determined internationally coordinated struggle, action and undivided solidarity:

Active resistance – Now!

1. Immediate shutdown of all nuclear power plants worldwide!
2. Immediate extensive evacuation of the population!
3. Children and pregnant women must be brought outside the country immediately!
4. Publication of the truth about the development in Fukushima without any limitations!
5. Mobilization of all international relief organizations for conducting extensive evacuations!
6. Guarantee the supply of the population with uncontaminated food!
7. Organization of continuous airlifts and shipping convoys for this purpose!
8. Immediate assignment of a commission of the best and most high-ranking experts and scientists in the world!

Even though it seems to be beyond human capacities, everything must be done to protect as many people as possible from the uncontrolled effects of the catastrophe.

Considering the giant worldwide overcapacities of electrical power production, the immediate shutdown of all nuclear power plants is no problem at all technically seen. The profiteers of the nuclear power plants and imperialist politicians are not open to arguments. Even in the face of the catastrophe they go on with their insolent fraud, pretending to be the biggest "protectors of the environment". The "moratorium" announced by Chancellor Merkel for old nuclear power plants is nothing but lies and deceit. When the Minister of the Economy Rainer Brüderle thought he was "on safe ground" in the presence of high-ranking company bosses , he let out the truth about the tactical election maneuver. Now the government has one more problem – and the Federal League of German Industrialists (BDI) has one leading manager less. Mr. Schnappauf had to take his hat – because of the "indiscretion" (not for giving incorrect news)!

Three faces of a criminal system

• In Japan the super-worst-case scenario is developing because imperialism even goes over dead bodies for maximum profits.
• With bombing attacks against Libya, the NATO is trying to attain supremacy over Libya and a region which is rich in oil.
• The EU summit in Brussels decided to wage a general attack on the workers and the broad masses of people all over Europe in order to raise the gigantic sums for the euro-emergency package – a guarantee account for banks and companies.

Imperialism is only existing in crises any more. Is this going to be the future?

Mass discussion about a revolutionary alternative

Vigils and human chains are not sufficient to get something done against these companies and governments that only have contempt for human lives. A superior international force must develop, starting with active resistance against nuclear death and climate catastrophe. A first step must be a worldwide day of action on 26 April, the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe. The ICOR (International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations) which was founded in October 2010, has set the task of the close mutual coordination of the revolutionaries of the world. The MLPD is also a member of the ICOR. Let us develop a mass discussion about a revolutionary alternative to this decadent capitalism, about genuine socialism!

Whoever is looking for a clear orientation can find it in the new book "Dawn of the International Socialist Revolution" by Stefan Engel. About the coming up of an historically new world situation the book optimistically states: "A situation in which humanity cannot go back, but must advance! A world historic development at the end of which can only be the liberation from exploitation and oppression, if not the entire world will be doomed to declining into barbarism." (p. 19, German edition)

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