International Manifesto in defense of workers at General Motors

22.01.13 - We all, union's member, activists and workers from carmakers of Brazil, USA, Colombia, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Italy and France, are today in a very important action against the attacks, which the Multinational General Motor’s has applied against the workers of its plants around the world.

We've realized that GM has operated a world wide restructuring plan. They want us to pay for a crisis we are not to be charged for. Such attacks result in worsened working conditions, reduction of labor rights, pay cuts, full or partial closure of productive units and thousands of layoffs around the world.

Unfortunately, GM keeps this restructuring process as a means to have higher profits. For that reason, the company has caused more and more damage to the workers.

In US they announced that they will close Michigan's plant in Grand Blanc. We are very worried about the consequence of this to the workers. GM has in recent years destroying jobs and rights in their own country.

In a few days the company want to dismiss about 1800 workers from Brazilian’s plant, with the objective of  take off high wages and rights, even after advanced Sales and after have received a considerate tax breaks from the government.

In Argentina, the working conditions are very bad. There are strong attacks against the organizations which fight for the workers and dismissed employees with occupational disease.

In Colombia, the workers are highly exploited, what has brought up hundreds of injured workers who are then fired by the company without any social security.

In Spain, the working conditions are getting worse and more hazardous as the production pace increases and the company doesn't want to accept its responsibility in the labor accidents.

On the Germany’s GM plant of OPEL Bochum the company wants to close a very important unit and will dismiss thousands of workers which has dedicated their whole life working at the plant to support their families. At Eisenach-Germany the night-shift was closed. One of their suppliers will close; by the way a lots of jobs are in risk in all around the city.

In Glivice – Polony the night-shift is also closing. The jobs are in risk. In Ellesmere Port, UK, the employers were blackmailed to freeze wages and introduce a flexible-shift of work at the weekend. At Sweden the GM sells the Saab to Chinese companies, most of the employees are losing their jobs.

In Aulnay-sous-bois the PSA plant will be closed and more than 3.000 workers are in strike. We demonstrate our solidarity and we are declaring support to the workers.

Also in solidarity with workers from other manufacturers cars that are also suffering attacks such as Ford, Chrysler, FIAT and Ferrari. The workers of FIAT and Ferrari in Italy are in resistance against attacks and attempts at easing rights

This situation is similar to other GM plants across the world like the Gunsan plant in Korea that ist threatened to be closed.

Just like other automakers, GM intends to split workers from different countries, by threatening them with the closure of plants if they don't accept the conditions imposed by the company. Blackmailing has been a weapon used by automakers to try to make workers from a plant fight against workers from other countries.

Nowadays it is possible that industrial workers across the world unite to become able to defeat even the big international monopolies such as GM. Therefore, we must unite, step by step, through the coordination and unity of struggles around the world.

The crazy pace of productivity of the company, which wants to produce more with fewer workers, makes the number of injured workers with labor diseases increase. The company, in its turn, denies being responsible for such injuries and fires the worker in spite of its legal prohibition in many countries. For this reason, we uphold that working must be a means of keeping one's family, not a source of diseases and deaths.

We demand healthier working and safety conditions in GM plants and the end of the persecutions to the injured workers or victims of labor accidents, besides, those who were fired must be hired back.

GM workers have the right to get together to uphold their rights, but when they do so, their unions are persecuted and their job posts are jeopardized. We fight for the right of union organization and respect to the Collective labor agreements.

We summon all workers and unions from all GM plants around the world to unite and sympathize to one another to defend our interests.

By the way, we fight:

1) Against the closure of GM plants, OPEL PSA.
2) Against the layoffs;
3) In favor of job security, a measure which should be supported by every government, specially those which have granted benefits to automakers with public money.
4) Reduction of working hours without loss of pay;
5) End precarious work and the flexibility of rights;
6) Best safe working conditions and an end to the abuse injured workers;
5) Readmission of injured workers fired GM-Colombia and support to members of ASOTRECOL

We make a commitment to carry out discussions like this at the workplaces and to organize this campaign. We are summoning all organizations which are related to GM to struggle by our side.

Because of this we are here, in a global day demonstrating to the whole world that  General Motors can not disrespect and submit its workers to this situation which is degrading through layoffs or reduction of duties and salaries.

We will be able to strengthen our fights, demands and rights through union and solidarity.
It's time to struggle! Let's fight together!
Against GM global attacks, let's make the workers' unity and fights global!

January 23, 2013

Workers from Brazil, USA, Colombia, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Italy and France