"In the Philippines there is already a perfect storm"

Im aktuellen "Rote Fahne Magazin" ist ein Interview mit Jose Maria Sison, Gründungsvorsitzender der Kommunistischen Partei der Philippinen und emeritierter Vorsitzender der International League of Peoples‘ Struggle (ILPS) abgedruckt.

Interview mit Jose Maria Sison
"In the Philippines there is already a perfect storm"
Jose Maria Sison

Link zum Interview in deutscher Sprache.


Hier für alle unsere Leserinnen und Leser, die lieber Englisch lesen und / oder sprechen, das Interview with Jose Maria Sison, Founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines and chairperson Emeritus, International Laeague of Peoples’ Struggle.


How is the actual situation in the Philippines?
In the Philippines there is already a perfect storm. There you find all kinds of problems within the worsening crisis of the ruling system. So we see a perfect storm for the revolutionary movement to take advantage of in order to prevail and win greater victories.


What is your opinion on the current Duterte regimes?
The fascist Duterte regime conflates or mixes up communism with terrorism, but the terrorism comes from Duterte and his imperialist masters. US-imperialism is the mastermind of the terrorism against the revolutionary movement and the progressive forces. This is malicious and murderous, because people are tagged as „red“ or communist . Being so tagged becomes a license for killing them. So it is a butcher's trick to equate communism with terrorism.


What can the German people do in solidarity?
The German people can do a lot. They must support the sovereign and democratic rights and interests of the Filipino people against this puppet, tyrannical, genocidal, plundering, and swindling regime of Duterte.


Many thanks for this interview!